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Natural Environment


Lahami Bay is prized with its natural surroundings, a myriad of marine and terrestrial  marvels. Lahami Bay always had a sound commitment to protect and conserve those natural treasures. A few easy acts can help sustain the delicate natural environment:


The simple rule is not to touch the corals. When snorkelling or diving, stepping on the corals or hitting them with a fin, damages coral that probably will not recover in a lifetime. Apart from this loss, many of those beautiful coloured fish would then lose their habitat  and their source of nutrition.

Sea grass

Sea grass often grows in the shallow waters adjacent to the beach. Avoiding entering the sea from areas where sea grass grows would help to conserve this very important habitat which supports many marine species.


Seashells under the water play an important role in keeping the coral reef healthy, some of those even feed on reef damaging starfishes keeping their numbers balanced. Even the empty shells washed down on the beach are used as a shield by the hermit crabs.  Seashells are not to be collected, but rather admired where they are.


Growing in the sea water, mangrove trees are natural  wonders by all means. The shallow areas adjacent to the trees are filled with their roots and several marine species, and are to be avoided. 

Sand Dunes

Spectacular formations of sand dunes covered with naturally growing shrubs extend over the Lahami Bay area. 
The dunes are sand sources essential for retaining the beach formation. Walking on the dunes would displace the sand, and damage the shrubs which hold the dunes. 



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